Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sorry Bhai or should I say ‘Maa Kasam‘

Subtle, Unusual & Witty! Sorry Bhai is a Romantic-Comedy by Onir, one of the path-breaking film makers of recent times.

Harsh Mathur (Sanjay Suri) is all set to marry Aaliya (Chitrangada Singh), his long time girl friend. Harsh’s parents Naveen (Boman Irani) and Gayatri (Shabana Azmi) and his younger brother Siddharth (Sharman Joshi) travel to Mauritius to attend the wedding. Shabana plays a nagging mother while Boman is a jovial & happy-go-lucky father. Siddharth is a young, nerdy and shy Scientist who is expecting a patent for his so called theory of “Living inanimate objects” and has been trying to “make a toy dog fly” to prove it.

Highly ambitious Harsh, over the time shifts his focus from Aaliya to his stocks. Soon love takes a back seat and money becomes his priority. Aaliya on the other hand is a simple girl and desires to lead a normal happy married life with Harsh. While Harsh seems to have no time for his fiancée, an unusual liking springs up between Siddharth and Aaliya. No matter how hard they try to ward-off every inch of feeling for one another, they end up falling in love; Madly.

Chitrangada and Shabana portray a perfect love-hate relationship. They initially kick-off by disliking each other but eventually start to connect and come to respect one another despite completely contrasting idiosyncrasies.

Shabana & Boman are just fab together and are as usual fantastic in their respective roles. When it comes to comedy, there are not many who can surpass Boman and one is sure to have more than a bunch of great laughs through the movie. Sharman Joshi clearly steals the show amongst the younger lot. Sanjay Suri is okay. Chitrangada Singh has got-it-all in terms of looks and perfectly fits the bill of a woman who is slimly mature for Sharman; she does a fairly good job as an actor too. The sparkling chemistry between Sharman & Chitrangada is hard to go unnoticed.

Sorry Bhai is about relationships, complex though. Come to think of it, it certainly is a hard-to-digest concept for the orthodox cine-goers, which not many may approve of. Unconventional? Yes! But all said and done, Sorry Bhai is enjoyable and makes for a pleasant watching experience. For some strange reason I felt the movie should have been named ‘Maa Kasam’ instead. You will have to watch the movie to know why.

Crafting out a movie on a tricky subject as this requires a sensitive approach in story telling. And Onir walks the thin line with aplomb. Clearly Sorry Bhai belongs to the ‘Hatke’ lot of movies to come out of Bollywood; a movie that goes beyond the yawn-inducing jargon


  1. 'Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa Kasam' :), maza aa gaya!!! Onir should be applauded for this wonder work of cinema.Regarding performance of the actors...each one has lived one's character fabulously.

  2. Hai na! :) My personal favourite is Sharman though :)